PDFs of ads, brochures, magazines, etc.

Some PDF versions of my work:
International Association of Panoramic Photographers—2003 Journal (2.8MB)
Liberty JDBC—Sell sheet (35KB)
Liberty Administrator—Sell sheet (50KB)
Pick Systems Y2K—Advertisement (116KB)
Pick Systems Corporate Profile—Brochure (260KB)
Pick Systems D3—Sell sheet (184KB)
Pick Systems D3—Advertisement (59KB)
Pick Systems D3 ProPlus—Sell sheet (150KB)
Soyatech Media Kit—Brochure (1.9MB)
Soyatech Biofuels Index—Prospectus (413KB)
Soyatech Biofuels Index—Advertisements (385KB)
Soyatech Seed Trait Valuation Report—Prospectus (413KB)
Soyatech Soy Protein Report—Prospectus (96KB)

Other media

Video clips, QTVR panoramas, scripts. These are large, designed to reside on local servers.
FASOTRAGRUPAC Det Whidbey Island—Video for air show exhibit (19MB .AVI)
US Navy—Qicktime panorama of EP-3 interior (9MB .MOV). Click and drag to look around.
US Navy—Pre-flight aircraft check video script (100KB .DOC)

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